Thursday, May 31, 2012

We love Dylan’s

Dylan’s is a locally owned hamburger restaurant. It’s fantastic.  The burgers here are better, larger, and slightly more expensive than typical chain fast food places.
Located in Kaysville Utah right on Main Street, it’s convenient to most of Davis County, and not a bad drive from anywhere in the Wasatch Front. Probably no more than half an hour’s drive north from Salt Lake City.
But boy is the food good! My favorite burger is anything with bacon. Dylan’s puts real, high quality bacon on their bacon burgers. Be sure to try the sweet potatoes fries. They also make a wonderful line of sandwiches and the have high quality ice cream.
We go to Dylan’s all year long, it’s our quick destination on special occasions. We’ve made Dylan’s our place to go after school events and for birthdays. But Dylan’s is especially traditional for us in the summer.
On really nice summer days I’m sure to hear someone in my family say: “Can we go to Dylan’s tonight?” I hope we can.


  1. I always see it when I'm driving around, but I've never been there. I guess that's where we'll be eating out our next date night. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Yes! Not as cheap as most fast food, but the difference is worth it! Blue Bacon Burger if you like Blue Cheese. Lots of great sandwiches and such!
      Have fun!