Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meat Salad

Whenever I can’t think of what I want to make for dinner, my family will always say, “Make meat salad!”
Yep, Meat Salad. Simple name, simple meal.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s delicious. The only hard part is making the video, but I’m learning and they will get better over time.
This is not a Caesar salad. I let my family put their favorite dressing on once the salad is served. This salad is sometimes made with beef and sometimes with chicken. I get the feeling from my family that they prefer the beef.
This is a very easy meal. It’s very quick and complete.
Start with a salad. Any green salad you like. I’m not going to tell you how to make a salad. Just get some lettuce. Maybe add some of your other favorite vegetables.
I like to add Salad toppings or seasoning.
When I make this salad with beef, I often use fajita meat. On special occasions I buy a nice selection of steaks.  I marinate the meat while I prepare the salad and set the table.
The marinade is a combination of vinegar, olive oil, and beef marinade seasoning.
Then I brown the meat. If I’m using steak, I cut the grilled steaks into strips.
Obviously the browned fajita meat is then added to the salad. The meat must be added right when the salad is ready to be served or the meat will wilt the lettuce.
This is a familiar meal. It’s a lot like a Caesar  salad. Caesar Salad just a salad with caesar dressing and grilled chicken.
If you go to Applebee’s, you can have a Ceaser Salad with steak on top, and they’ll cut up an actual steak on your salad.
At my house you’ll have some fajita meat in your salad, but I promise you’ll like it. Or some great grilled chicken. We do that sometimes too.

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