Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Croquetas de Atun.

Fast and fun and easy.
My croquetas are tuna and potato rolls. Rolled in spicy breadcrumbs and browned in oil, they are a fun meal served with rice and vegetables.
Start by boiling four small potatoes. (for this version of the recipe)
Mash with one can of tuna.
Add salt and pepper.
Add grated cheese. (I use mozzarella)
Add one egg to bind it all together.
Form into little logs.
Roll carefully in bread crumbs.
Heat and oil a frying pan.
Carefully toast croquetas in the oil.

That’s it! You’re ready for a fun meal. It’s great and tasty and nutritious. In our family we put Worcestershire sauce on our croquetas, but we’ve been known to use soy sauce as well.


  1. Ummm YUM!! Going to try this one. Loved the video but could you kill the orchestra? It drowns out the voices.

    1. Okay, that's legit. Didn't turn out like I hoped. But the Croquetas always work, so I hope you like them!