Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tostadas !!

This recipe is very similar to some of my other recipes, but in Mexican food, Tostadas are a unique plate.
Some of my Mexican recipes are for special occasions. Tostadas are more for every day kinds of meals.
I begin this recipe by boiling a nice rump roast in water, with a piece of white onion, salt and pepper. I let the roast boil for up to three hours.
Then I shred the roast in to fine, bite-size pieces.
Once I have my meat prepared, I begin with the tortillas.

Start by toasting the corn tortillas by frying them in oil. You want them crisp but not burnt. Now they are tostadas, and not tortillas anymore.  Set them aside.
Then I like to boil carrots and potatoes. I put chicken bouillon in with the boiling water.
The carrots and potatoes are cut into cubes.
I put the carrots in the boiling water first, because the potatoes take less time to cook.
I boil the veggies for 5 or 10 minutes, or until soft. The veggies need to be soft.
Drain the veggies and set them aside.
Add two cans of tomato sauce to the broth that was left over after boiling the roast. This juice will top the tostadas when we’re done.
Now we put together our tostadas.
Sometimes I start by spreading re-fried beans on the tostadas. I don’t always do this, but it’s good with the beans.
Then add a nice pile of shredded roast on the tostada.
Then add a layer of fresh shredded lettuce.
Then add your boiled veggies.
Top with grated cheese of your choice, and half-cream. ( I use Mexican cream).
At the table, add hot sauce to taste, and have each dinner guest spoon on the juice (broth) that has been served to each diner in a nice cup.
A fantastic Mexican meal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Oaks

This is the most beautiful setting for a restaurant I have ever seen. Our family has a summer tradition to spent time here as much as we can. The food is great. The menu is mostly sandwiches, soups, salads, and burgers, but the dining experience at The Oaks is very special. This is not fast food. The quality is superb.

The Oaks is located a few miles up Ogden Canyon.  Ogden Canyon is beautiful any time of year.  The outside tables are set in little kiosks among the trees. There is also inside dining during the winter. The Fall is spectacular with all the colors. Summer is cool on the patio next to the Ogden River. The sound of the river going by is very soothing. There are hummingbird feeders at the tables and you can just about count on a visit from these wonderful little birds. The ice cream here is famous, and many people come here especially for the ice cream. We usually have ice cream after dinner.

Don’t miss this special dining experience.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chips and lime.

This is possibly the most important entry on this blog.
Chips and line are a STAPLE food in our house. If we’ve rented a movie, if it’s someone’s birthday, if someone’s coming to visit, if someone needs a snack, ANYTIME I can think of, someone in my family will make chips with lime.
Nothing, and I really mean nothing, could ever be more simple than this. But you’re going to love it. Anybody who’s ever tried chips and lime in my house has gone on to make it regularly in their own house. Many people tell me they make chips and lime better than I do now.
We’ll see.
This is a Mexican treat, and this is the way folks in Mexico like to eat potato chips. In fact, many bags of chips in vending machines or at convenience stores in Mexico, come with little foil packets of lime juice and hot sauce.
People who try this in my home return to their own homes and try to make Chips with Lime almost immediately. So I’m going to teach you. Pay close attention:

Here’s what you do:
Step One: Get a bag (start with a regular family size bag) of REGULAR potato chips. (This recipe can be done with corn chips, but I believe that makes this an entirely different recipe).
Step Two: Dump the bag of chips into a large serving bowl.
Step Three: Cut a lime in half and squeeze it over all the chips.
Step Four: Generously squirt hot sauce over the whole mess. We like Tapatio hot sauce, but I relucantly will tell you that you can use any hot sauce you like.

Now, at this point, I consider the chips ready for consumption. But my kids disagree. Each one of my kids have developed their own take on chips and lime. When my sons make chips and lime, they put a plate over the serving bowl and shake it all up to evenly distribute the lime and hot sauce.

Finally, remember these Chips with Lime rules:
You can’t use lemons.
You can’t use powdered chili.
You can CHOOSE how much lime to use and how much hot sauce to use.
You can CHOOSE how much to shake them before serving.
You MUST share.