Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chips and lime.

This is possibly the most important entry on this blog.
Chips and line are a STAPLE food in our house. If we’ve rented a movie, if it’s someone’s birthday, if someone’s coming to visit, if someone needs a snack, ANYTIME I can think of, someone in my family will make chips with lime.
Nothing, and I really mean nothing, could ever be more simple than this. But you’re going to love it. Anybody who’s ever tried chips and lime in my house has gone on to make it regularly in their own house. Many people tell me they make chips and lime better than I do now.
We’ll see.
This is a Mexican treat, and this is the way folks in Mexico like to eat potato chips. In fact, many bags of chips in vending machines or at convenience stores in Mexico, come with little foil packets of lime juice and hot sauce.
People who try this in my home return to their own homes and try to make Chips with Lime almost immediately. So I’m going to teach you. Pay close attention:

Here’s what you do:
Step One: Get a bag (start with a regular family size bag) of REGULAR potato chips. (This recipe can be done with corn chips, but I believe that makes this an entirely different recipe).
Step Two: Dump the bag of chips into a large serving bowl.
Step Three: Cut a lime in half and squeeze it over all the chips.
Step Four: Generously squirt hot sauce over the whole mess. We like Tapatio hot sauce, but I relucantly will tell you that you can use any hot sauce you like.

Now, at this point, I consider the chips ready for consumption. But my kids disagree. Each one of my kids have developed their own take on chips and lime. When my sons make chips and lime, they put a plate over the serving bowl and shake it all up to evenly distribute the lime and hot sauce.

Finally, remember these Chips with Lime rules:
You can’t use lemons.
You can’t use powdered chili.
You can CHOOSE how much lime to use and how much hot sauce to use.
You can CHOOSE how much to shake them before serving.
You MUST share.


  1. You guys crack me up.....But I am going to have to try this one. No fancy ingredients, no endless hours of prep. Sounds right up my alley!! Smiles...

    1. My kids told me they had to make that video, because they make Chips and Lime better than I do.
      That's their opinion.
      But either way, I promise that this will change the way you eat chips! Very yummy!

  2. Lol, Your family is absolutely hilarious! I loved the informational video. I would have definitely shaken the bowel upside down which, I learned, would have been a completely waste of chips if my plate broke.

  3. P.S. I'm very curious about trying this recipe now.

    1. Thank you for trying! This is our favorite. I have to say that all our friends who try this, tell us later that this is the only way they eat chips now.

  4. Omg!!! I cant believe this!!! Its just awesome that you are doing this, OF COURSE its your favorite mexican treat, its for all of us the mexicans!! And I do make better Chips than my mom too!! hahaha Saludos tía